Sashikala Chemjong & Team 

Rugs & Seat Pads - Designer, Maker

Mom to one, Sashikala is one of our main designers who creates new patterns and ideas for rug designs. Rugs in your home that last for years are designed by her. Her husband is Nepal's hero serving Nepal Army and she is ours.


Sarita Batala & Team

Felted Craft Item - Designer, Maker

She and her team bring life to products using thousands of years of old felting techniques. Sarita is also a brilliant teacher who has taught hundreds of crafters. The whole team is full of lively spirits. 


Shanti Shrestha & Team

Needled Craft Item - Designer, Maker

Shanti and her team's effort reflects in each needled craft item. From simple design to complex one comes from her creativity. She and her team works tirelessly and with precision to bring the best finishing of our craft supplies.


Kanchi Maya Sherpa & Team

Cat Caves - Designer, Maker

One of our popular items is designed by her. Cannot guess? Well, it is home for your pets. Yup! Cat Caves! Kanchi Maya, a 45- year-old artist and the team who are young from heart, bring our designs to reality and make a cozy home for your furry friends.


Lalita Sharma & Team

Stitched Craft Item - Designer, Maker

The stitching team knows how to use thread and needle to make beautiful crafts. Lalita is also our master artisan and designer of stitched crafts.

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