Welcome back folks for another weekend project on the ‘Let’s get Crafty’ series. Bet your needle felting skills has leveled up more after the last tutorial. 

So now you've made your first couple of felt items and now you must be thinking, what do I do with these crafts? The answer to your question is, so much more! You will be greatly amazed. 

Picture yourself using your felt craft as home decor items in your home. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started! 

This blog is all about how to create accessories and decorative craft items out of your felt heart and star. Create felt decorations for your home and the festive season. 

Following are some of the creative craft ideas to make out of your felt items. These DIY crafts can be made using both heart and star (or any craft supplies honestly), so feel free to use any felt craft supplies as per your convenience. 


is your go-to decor idea for your festive or just simple room decor. They are very easy to make, look simple yet a great statement piece. You can use it on every occasion throughout the year to emphasize your decoration.

Things required

- Felt heart and stars (8-10 pieces for 130 cm) 
- Sewing Needles
- Thread (Take more thread than calculated for creating ends.)

  1. Arrange colors of heart and star in the order you want. 
  2. Pierce through the side of your felt item (as shown in the video)
  3. Make knots on side of each star.  It helps your felt items to stay in place.
  4. If you want to create spaced garland, make sure the crafts are spaced uniformly. 
  5. Cut or burn off the excess thread.

    Burning off the nylon thread makes sure the thread is cut without thread splitting up or untieing. The heat actually helps to seal thin nylon fibers. Just be careful while using fire. 
  6. Make a loop on both ends to make it easy to hang. 
  7. Your DIY garland is now ready.

Perfect Hanging Ornament 

Hanging ornament is one of the easiest ways to create a craft from your felt product. You can use it as DIY decoration for the living room, festive interior decor, etc. 

Things required

- Felt heart and/or star

- Needle

- Thread

  1. Pierce needle and thread from bottom to top of your felt
  2. Create a knot at the top
  3. Then pierce the needle again but from top to bottom
  4. Make sure to leave at least 8cm thread at the top to create a loop
  5. Then finally create a knot at the bottom to secure the loop 
  6. Your DIY hanging ornament for your upcoming festival is now ready

Cute Hair Tie

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 12-39-17.png
Having the same bland hair rubber band can be dull. Jazz up your old plain rubber band by attaching your felt product and give a vibrant look. It is a great way to upcycle your old hair ties or just add dazzles to your plain ties. 

Things required

- Felt heart or star

- Elastic hair-tie

- Needle and thread

  1. Place your hair-tie on one side of your felt item
  2. Sew hair-tie to your craft. Make sure it’s centered. 
  3. Make multiple knots to secure it in place. 
  4. Your new hair-tie is now ready. 


Don’t you hate it when you have to carry a lot of keys? Metal keyrings can be heavy at times. However, keyrings are a must to keep your keys safe, especially for us clumsy and forgetful people. 

So why not get a soft, lightweight, and eco-friendly keyring that’s personalized. I mean you made it and it can’t get more personal than this. So let’s get into the exciting spirit and create these easy 5 min DIY keyrings. 

Things required

- Felt hearts or stars 

- Keyring (keychain if you wish to)

- Thread and needle

  • Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 15-12-21.png
  1. Repeat the same process of creating a loop same as a hanging ornament. 
  2. Just the teeny weeny difference is, you only need a 2 cm loop. 

  3. Attach it to the keyring.

  4. Your DIY keyring is now ready.

Baby mobile

Planning to get a baby hanging mobile for your newborn? It would also be a perfect gift for your friend’s and relatives’ baby shower. Why spend on expensive products when you can make one. 

It may be relatively harder to make than other DIYs but it’s fun to take some challenges; Keeps your creative juices flowing. Also ‘why do you fear when we are here.’  we will breeze you through every step. 

Things required

- Wooden Frame (You could easily buy this online, it’s relatively cheap)

- Felt heart and star (or any craft of your choice)

- Nylon thread ( it’s more sturdy) 

- Needle

- Scissors

  1. Start by laying down your crafts on the table
  2. Cut 7 pieces of threads( 50 - 80 cm) and divide craft into 7 parts.
    Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 12-46-02.png 
  3. Start sewing 3-4 crafts in each thread and make 7 mini garlands. 
  4. Make sure to space them evenly for a cleaner and uniform look. 
  5. Leave ample space in the top part of the thread.
  6. Lay the wooden frame on a flat surface.
  7. Align the garlands within the rings, evenly spaced out. 
  8. Add the other half of the ring and tighten the screw.
  9. Gather all the strings and bring them together at the top.
  10. Start by creating a knot and braid the thread. Braid up to 6 inches. 
  11. Cut off the excess string.
  12. Fold the braid in half to create a loop. Tie a knot with a small piece of thread. 
  13. Your handmade mobile hanger is now ready.

So, how was the journey? The last one could be a little bumpy, but can we just take a moment and appreciate small businesses that create hanging mobiles? They do put their heart and soul into making this every day and over and over. 

We hope you had fun making these are some of the few creative felt crafts. Most of them are easy-felt decorations that you can do yourself. You can use it as decoration for your room or during the festive season. Comment below if you have learned to make felt products by needle felting.

Stay tuned for the series finale next week. We are coming with ideas to decor your room as well as a surprise for you. 

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