We strongly believe in and respect hard work. 

From the beginning, Felt and Yarn have adhered to Fair Trade standards, the company regularly inspect the production process for quality, social compatibility and conviction for fair trade. We are proud to say that we now work with over 1000 crafters and team members who benefit directly or indirectly under fair trade conditions; providing them with fair wages.

Felt and yarn being a truly fair trade enterprise, demonstrating integrity and transparency; the first Nepalese company internationally certified GoodWeave Company in the Felt Industry. Delivering high-quality products at a reasonable price to our customers.

Safe working conditions

Regardless of scale, the Felt and Yarn exercises proper safety regulations, measures, and more detailed alternatives for the workers.  Different prevention strategies against workplace injuries and/or accidents are critically being practiced to maintain a healthy and secure workplace. These strategies assist to minimize and avoid hazards, and also to ensure that the employee's wellbeing is not jeopardized. Additionally, our workers are provided with the required uniforms, such as aprons, gloves, masks, and head caps, as well as all other necessary equipment.

The company frequently reviews feedback to help in creating a safe and stable working environment. All staff are properly trained regarding the significance of health safety and cleanliness, enforcing health codes and practices. 

Environmental protection

Our entire product line is environmentally friendly, renewable, and biodegradable. From the very scratch, with fetching of wool to production and packaging, every step ensures that the product is non-polluting and does not impact the natural habitat. We also use Azo-free dyes that are suitable for humans and animals.  All of their products are free from chemicals and toxins.

Felt and Yarn also practice water conservation techniques that end up saving more than two million litres of water every year. 

Sustainable livelihoods

Felt and Yarn has touched more than 1000 families who have benefited from fair wages and work opportunities. We seek to embrace the rules, legislation, guidelines, organizational arrangements, agreements, social norms, and traditions that influence how social structures are operated. The company provides incentives, loans and aids [education, medication, and TADA (Travel and Daily Allowance)].