Sequel: Wool Felt 101 - How to Clean and Maintain Your Wool Felt Products

Here is the sequel of how to clean your felt products. Earlier we focused on small wool felt craft supplies, but what if we need to wash and clean products that are much larger? Well, you have come to the perfect place. How to easily clean your felt products effortlessly?

Wool Felt 101: How To Clean And Maintain Your Wool Felt Products

Do you own any wool felt products? Had an accidental oopsie? Felts are highly mistaken with the impression of being difficult to clean with. And we are here to debunk and prove you otherwise. After reading how to clean wool felt with proper care, you will realise it is very effortless. Another bonus point is that you will not need any expensive or special felt product cleaning tools.

Coping up with harsh reality: Stories of three strong women
FNY Stories

Are things going a little rough for you? When will the fight for finding happiness end for you? Let me answer the question for you in the form of the stories of these three strong women from our manufacturing department. Their stories might give you a silver lining; leaving you with a bittersweet feeling. But one thing for sure, these stories will motivate you and restore your faith.

5 Easy Ways To Make DIYs For Easter
Crafts & DIYs

Who else is excited about Easter? Realistically said, life can be busy sometimes. Decoration can take ages and so much effort, it gets tough. Don’t worry. Be hoppy! You can easily use the perfect DIYs listed below and enjoy crafting with your family. 

Easter usually lands on 4th April, Sunday, there doesn’t seem to be a fixed date for Easter Day.