9 Interactive Kids Toys Considering Safety for your Kids

Kids go bonkers for toys. Toys for us may be some insignificant clutter whereas, for children, those are the most precious belongings to them. Does your child have a favorite toy that they can not live without?

Four Felt Supplies You Can Open Your Handicraft Business With

So you may be asking what basic felt supplies that can help you open a business with? 

We've made things simpler for you! Here are four basic felt supplies with which you can quickly start your own business!

Easy 8 Steps For Small Handmade Business To Prepare For Holiday
Is there such a thing as too early to start holiday shopping? It’s better to be early than sorry. The months of June and July are ideal for preparing for the approaching holidays. This indicates that the holiday consumer tidal wave is on its way to you and your company.
A Beginners Guide to how to Felt: Felting Techniques 101

Have you only recently begun felting? What initially piqued your interest in felting? For many beginners, felting is a completely new adventure. So here is in-depth information about everything you need to know about wool felting and different felting techniques

Things You Might Have Been Doing Wrong While Selecting Your Felt Suppliers
Crafts & DIYs

Are you looking for the best export company for your business? Do you own or intend to own a felt and craft business? Although your company may not be related to the textile or felt industry, you will still find some valuable information on selecting the right supplier for your company here.

Do Cats Need A Bed To Sleep In? Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Felted Cat Cave For Your Cat

Pet beds and cat caves have been around for years creating buzz. Some cat owners even swear by it. With the gaining of popularity, one question often hits the unknown cat owners. Do we need it? Is it a necessity? Do we need to spend that much money on a pet bed? 

Green Companies Working Towards to Restore Our Earth | Felt and Yarn
FNY Stories

Do you think you have the power to change the world? Can you become a superhero? Or will you, like every villain destroy the planet? You can choose your sides, but remember your actions have heavy consequences. Read more to figure out which side are you on?

5 Best Clever Spring Ideas for Small Businesses
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Are you planning to open a new business? Do you already own one? You have come to the perfect place. Here we spill the bean on how you can get the coins without much effort.

Sequel: Wool Felt 101 - How to Clean and Maintain Your Wool Felt Products

Here is the sequel of how to clean your felt products. Earlier we focused on small wool felt craft supplies, but what if we need to wash and clean products that are much larger? Well, you have come to the perfect place. How to easily clean your felt products effortlessly?

Wool Felt 101: How to Clean And Maintain Your Wool Felt Products

Do you own any wool felt products? Had an accidental oopsie? Felts are highly mistaken with the impression of being difficult to clean with. And we are here to debunk and prove you otherwise. After reading how to clean wool felt with proper care, you will realise it is very effortless. Another bonus point is that you will not need any expensive or special felt product cleaning tools.