Hey, there small business owners! Spring is on its way and if you are eager to fill up your store with creative and inspiring felt crafts to spruce up your homes and stores, then you are in the right place. Here, we will provide you inspiration on how small businesses can get creative with wool by looking at some of the most inspiring – and easy – wool spring crafts, from felt fruits to bakeries. Wool spring crafts involve making things by hand with wool as the main material. So, grab your needles and come with us on a journey of creativity and discovery as we make wool spring crafts for small businesses.

1. Deliciously Cute: Felt Food Items

Look no further than felt food items! These small, handmade plush toys crafted from soft and colorful felt fabric are designed to look like a variety of mouth-watering food items, making them the perfect addition to any space or playtime. In addition to being fun and adorable, felt food items can also inspire small business owners or crafters to turn their passion into a profitable venture. 

a. Mini Wool-Felted Donuts 

Do you love creating beautiful felted wool projects, but are stuck with the designs of your craft? You're not alone. Many crafters, from novices to experts, are in the same boat. Wool Felt Donuts are ideal for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. These felt donuts are easy to make - and fun to show off to friends and family. Wool felt donuts with sprinkles are small, decorative donut-shaped pieces made from soft, high-quality wool felt material. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and the "sprinkles" are typically small, colorful felt pieces sewn onto the surface of the donut.


 - Use them as photo props for playful photo shoots on baby showers, anniversaries, and birthday celebrations. 

 - Easily these spring crafts can be adopted in mobiles, keychains, or as embellishments on clothing or accessories. 

Wool felt donuts

b. Felt Sheet Cake Slice

We understand how business owners and entrepreneurs want their products to stand out from the rest. But how? Crafting with cake-slice-shaped felt sheets is a great way to make unique, eye-catching products for your small business. A felt sheet cake slice is a small, decorative piece made from soft, high-quality felt material. It is designed to look like a slice of cake, with a realistic shape and texture, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Whether you are selling handmade handicrafts, felt crafts, or anything in between, you can use these cake slices to give your products an extra “slice” of charm.


- Use these felt sheet cake slices as a cute and unique gift tag or topper for your presents.

- Make a cute felt board by gluing them onto a felt background and adding some fun messages or designs. 

Felt sheet cake slice

c. Wool-Felted Strawberries

Get creative with our wool-felted strawberries. You can share these wool-felted strawberries for your next Instagram story and promote your small business. Why not take your love for strawberries to the next level with our wool-felted chocolate strawberry? Use it as a centerpiece for a DIY project and create unique accessories, toys, or home decor items. 


- Felt chocolate strawberries can also be made into a keychain, gift topper, or bag charm by adding a small loop or clasp. 

- Use the felt strawberries as adorable embellishments for your handmade cards or scrapbooking projects.  

Felt strawberries

d. Cute Avocado With Seeds

The felt avocado product is designed to meet the growing demand for homemade goods, while also inspiring the creativity of small business owners. Felt avocados can be used to add a fun and playful touch to a room or workplace. Use it as a stress ball or relaxation tool, making them a great addition to any desk or workplace. 


- Create a set of cute keychains by adding a small metal ring to the top of the avocado. 

- Design your own playful avocado keychains by attaching metal keyrings to the top of each felt avocado.

Wool-felted avocado

2. Festive and Functional: Decorative Felt Items

Decorative felt handmade crafts are created from soft and colorful felt fabric, and come in a variety of designs and styles, making them the perfect addition to any space or occasion. In addition to being beautiful and eye-catching, felt decorative items are also functional, as they can serve a variety of purposes, such as adding warmth and texture to a room, providing softness and comfort to seating areas, or acting as unique and thoughtful gifts for loved ones. 

a. Wool Easter Eggs

As the weather starts to warm up and the calendar turns to spring, it's time to look for ways to brighten up your life and your business. It creates an attractive display in your store or at a craft fair featuring the felt easter eggs. They can be sold as standalone items or as part of a larger Easter-themed decoration set. Another option is to make hollow eggs that can be filled with small toys, candies, or other treats. These can be sold as fun and interactive Easter-themed product.


- Felt Easter eggs can be hung from an Easter tree or used as a centerpiece on a table. They can also be used to decorate wreaths or garlands.

- Felt Easter eggs can be used for educational activities with young children, such as teaching colors or counting.

felt easter eggs

b. Felt Lavender Flowers 

Felt and Yarn offer eco-friendly felt lavender flowers at wholesale prices. To make felt lavender flowers, wool roving is typically shaped into a petal or leaf shape and then poked repeatedly with a needle felting needle until it becomes dense and firm. The petals and leaves are then shaped and molded into the desired form and sewn or felted together to create the final flower shape. If you’re looking for a unique way to get into the spring spirit, this is definitely a project to consider!


- Use these lavender flowers to add a pop of color to any floral wedding arrangement or centerpiece. 

- Felt lavender flowers can be used for a variety of crafts, such as making lavender wreaths, garlands, or felt lavender sachets.

felt lavender flowers

c. Cloudy Felt Mini-Rainbow

A cloudy felt mini-rainbow is a handmade craft item made from felt material that is inspired by spring days with the colors of the rainbow. The colors are often muted and blended together to give a cloudy effect, hence the name. They are popular among small business crafters who use them as part of their product line. Wool is a natural fiber that is commonly used in the production of felt. It is derived from the fleece of sheep and is known for its warmth, softness, and durability. Wool is a popular choice among felt suppliers as it is easy to work with and can be dyed in a wide range of colors.


- These items can be used for a variety of purposes, such as keychains, wall hangings, or decorative items.

- Focus on sustainability by using eco-friendly materials in your products, such as organic wool and recycled felt, to attract environmentally conscious consumers and differentiate your brand from competitors.

cloudy felt mini-rainbow

d. Spring Felt Balls Wreath

This beautiful wool felt balls wreath is the perfect way to add a cheerful welcome to your home or business. By buying in bulk of felt balls, small businesses, and startups can easily access the supplies and materials needed to create stunning works of art. Crafting with wool is an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience and provide an enriching shared experience that resonates with people. With just a little creativity, small business owners can use wool crafts to create something special that will make a lasting impression on their customers.


- Hang the felt ball wreath on a wall using a hook or ribbon. It can be a beautiful centerpiece for your room.

- Felt spring wreaths can be used as beautiful decorations for springtime events like weddings, baby showers, or Easter celebrations. 

spring wool felt balls wreath

3. Adorable Animals: Felted Creatures

As children, we all have fond memories of playing with our favorite toys, whether it was a stuffed animal, a classic wooden block set, or a plastic toy. As small business owners, we understand the importance of providing the same sense of wonder to the kids. That’s why we are thrilled to offer our collection of Spring Kid toys. 

a. Playful Felt Wool Dolphins

The felt dolphin is sure to bring a smile to every child’s face. It can also be the perfect addition to any playroom, nursery, or toy collection. This is a cost-effective, sustainable option to keep in your collection store. The potential of felt and needle-felting dolphins is good news for small businesses, adding more art and color to our lives, and bringing joy and warmth to homes.


- As a DIY project, use it to create a cute plush toy or add to a coastal-themed wreath or garland.

- Easily you can use it simply as a play toy for the kids. 

wool-felted dolphins

b.  Cute and Cuddly Turtle

One popular product that's taking the market by storm is the felt turtle product and this is the best way to welcome it in the new season. You can use it as decor on your office table, any corner of your home, and kindergarten. The toy's round body and shell-shaped back provide a comfortable and huggable feel, making it a favorite for children and adults alike.


- Add them to a felt board for storytelling or educational activities.

- Incorporate them into a felted plush toy. 

felt glitter turtle

c. Felt Multicolor Beaded Birds

Felt multicolor beading birds are small handmade crafts made from soft felt material, featuring intricate beadwork designs in various bright colors. These crafts are inspired by the beauty of spring weather and can add a playful touch to any space. Additionally, purchasing these crafts can help support small businesses and provide opportunities for growth and sustainability. 


- Decorative ornaments for home and office spaces, adding a touch of color and fun to any room.

- Unique and thoughtful gifts for friends and family, perfect for birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions.

Felt multicolor birds

From felt lavender flowers to felt mats, inspiring wool spring crafts have the potential to provide a unique and interesting experience for small business owners. Crafting these items can be an enjoyable way to enhance brand visibility and boost profits. Our helpful tips will guide you through the crafting process and help you create beautiful and marketable products that your customers will love. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your product line and stand out from the competition. Check out our blog now and get inspired!