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From Wool to Wonder: Making a Cute Needle Felted Garden Snail

Are you a nature enthusiast who desires to create a garden but lacks the time and space to do so? Fear not, as needle felting offers a solution to bring the beauty of nature indoors with minimal effort, time, and cost. In this blog, we will...

Clever Wool Felt Summer Projects To Transform Your Home

Are you ready to transform your home into a summer oasis with some clever, wool-felt projects? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we will show you how to create some beautiful and inspiring décor items with common items s...

5 DIY Valentines Day Special Heartfelt Gifts

​​Valentine's Day Gifts Are Always Popular! Do you enjoy valentine's day special crafting as much as we do? We're so focused on the magical season of love. Felt and yarn are offering exciting Valentine's Day gifts this year to keep your...

What are the perfect craft ideas or supplies for a beginner?

Crafting is a hobby or activity of making decorative items by hand and also it utilizes your leisure time to keep enjoying and playing with creative felted crafts. Diy felted crafts for beginners never begin with a significant investment in...

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments On A Budget

Hello buddy! Have you made plans to do something extra this time? Here you can adore everything about the holidays and collect your favorite product. We are entering the holiday season to boom your sale and share your gifts with family, fri...

7 Simple and Colorful Yarn Crafts for Kids

Art and craft ideas for kids are more fun and exciting. There are boundless amazing easy yarn crafts ideas. Let's do some interesting crafts and engage your kids in creativity. Yarn is so much fun for every kid who enjoys and loves to play ...

Wool Felt Crafts Safe For Kids

Do you want to make your and your kids' homestay period fun and creative? Do you want to learn new skills along with your kids? Well, we are going to help you with all your worries. We are going to take you on the journey of wool felt craf...

Must-Have Back To School Felt Products

Back-to-school season, the best season of the year for kids and teachers, is soon to arrive. Consequently, the majority of us are looking for back-to-school items. And the best supplies will make your child’s back-to-school time more spec...

Spooky Felt Halloween Decor Ideas For 2022

What do you think or feel when you hear about Halloween? Does it make you want to celebrate? Or make you feel spooky and wish to decorate your house with Halloween vibes? Are you the one looking to decorate your house for Halloween? 

What Are The Perfect Felting Craft Ideas For A Beginner? 5 Easy Felt Crafts

Have you ever wanted to try felting but didn't know where to start? Here are 5 easy felt crafts to get you started! Learn how to needle felt and make felt crafts like accessories, garlands with these 5 easy felt craft ideas

6 New Summer Felt Crafts You Should Definitely Own

This summer, add a bit of whimsy to your summertime cool-down by adding these summer felt crafts in your business or home. These felt crafts are so cute and cheerful that you'll want to keep them all year round.

4 Easy No-sew Felt Craft To Make Under 5 Minutes

No-sew felt crafts are a great way to use up scraps of felt without having to sew them. This no-sew felt craft is a fun and easy project to make really cool, unique things in a short time.

3 Last Minute Easy DIY Felt Easter Crafts

This easy Easter craft is a stylish and practical way for kids to bring treats to their Easter egg hunt. Here is a simple and easy craft that could be made for a fun weekend activity.

3 Easy Felt Sheet St. Patricks Craft To Make At Home

Make 3 easy-felt St. Patrick's Craft at home using felt sheets. This easy-felt sheet craft is a great craft to make with your kids and a fun way to bring the luck of the Irish to your home. 

3 Easy Crafts To Make With Your Kid Using Felt Sheet

Crafting with your kid is a lot of fun. But didn't you have to spend a lot of money on a pack of craft supplies or buy a special craft kit? Here are 3 easy DIY crafts to make with your kid using a felt sheet.

Easy Wool Dryer Ball That You Can Make at Home

This DIY wool dryer ball is a great way to help your clothes maintain their shape and prevent wrinkles and is an effective alternative to expensive commercial dryer balls.

How to Wet Felt at Home: 12 Steps Easy DIY Felt Sheet

Learn how to wet felt a large variety of items at home. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and photos to create a wet felt sheet. 

Rugs For Every Room: Creative Ways To Use Felt Rugs For Interior Decor

Felt rugs can help you to transform your rooms and home interior. Yet, coming up with creative ways to incorporate those rugs in your home can be challenging.

5 DIY Back to School Felt Accessories Ideas

Prepare for school with these 5 DIY felt accessory ideas. Customize your back-to-school supplies with these simple yet attractive felt crafts at felt and yarn.

Mistake That Destroys Your Felt Product

Felt products are perfect materials for your home and daily use. The longevity and durability of these products depend upon how you use and care for them.