Invest In Our Planet Through Felt Products

Learn about the best ways to invest in our planet, from responsible living to choosing products from green companies. You can help protect our planet by using resources wisely and responsibly. Invest in our planet.

Biju Shrestha

Green Companies Working Towards to Restore Our Earth | Felt and Yarn

Do you think you have the power to change the world? Can you become a superhero? Or will you, like every villain destroy the planet? You can choose your sides, but remember your actions have heavy consequences. Read more to figure out which side are you on?


Coping Up With Harsh Reality: Stories Of Three Strong Women

Are things going a little rough for you? When will the fight for finding happiness end for you? Let me answer the question for you in the form of the stories of these three strong women from our manufacturing department. Their stories might give you a silver lining; leaving you with a bittersweet feeling. But one thing for sure, these stories will motivate you and restore your faith.

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