The 21st century has all been about science and technology as well as climate change and environmental degradation. With the progress in developing advanced technologies, we have also started talking about saving and restoring our planet. We have been more focused on ourselves that we forget about the only place we live in and our upcoming generations

We all know that our action has caused heavy consequences on this planet. Unplanned urbanization to heavy use of fossil fuels has led to this huge issue of climate change. From ozone depletion to the rise in earth's temperature, our daily activities have made us face the consequences. 


Now is the time to think about our future generations by taking steps how to maintain the ecological balance on this planet.

Yet you might be thinking, what can I, a single person do in this huge world to make a difference to this planet? Well, we all know the proverb “Many a little makes a mackle”. So it’s not just you, but billions of single people like you who should take a step towards saving our planet. 

Our Earth is an amazing place, but our actions have caused such a negative impact and now it needs our effort to prosper. With the theme ‘Invest in our planet’, let’s start making small changes to our daily lifestyle from this Earth Day 2022. 

Planet Earth

So here's how you can invest in our planet and what we have been doing for it

Invest in Sustainable Products

We are part of this ecosystem and every activity we do directly make an impact on this planet. Everything we purchase or use will either contribute positively or negatively to the planet. 

Fruits in Plastic

From small chocolates to food and products you order for gifts, each product comes wrapped in different packaging materials. With the pandemic, the rise in online orders has increased drastically for daily goods. While you might be worried about, the use of plastic wrapping and others, you should also be worried about other paper packaging and the use of use and throw products too.

While these biodegradable packaging and products might be best for the environment, these products are still made using natural resources. These products once disposed of and taken to a landfill site, still, add up to waste. 

Plastic Bottles

How you can invest in sustainable products from Felt and Yarn?

With the aim to run a fully sustainable company, Felt and Yarn offers you a wide range of premium quality, eco-friendly handmade felt products. From quality home decors to craft supplies and pet products, you can find a sustainable substitute for your daily use products.

Natural Paper Box

Substitute your wooden or plastic products like decor props, coasters, etc. for more eco-friendly wool felt products. The best thing about these wool felt products is that you can have multipurpose use of a single product. You can even reuse or recycle these products for the long term. And if not possible, these products are easily biodegradable making them completely eco-friendly.

Felt Ball Christmas Ornaments

Invest in zero-emission energy

The need to address the climate change problems has been a priority in the world economy. With the use of carbon-emitting products to cater to our daily needs, we have been aiding more towards environmental degradation.

Smoke from Factories

Turning on your lights all day to using ICE vehicles for your daily commute, they all operate using carbon-emitting sources. Well, you should have an idea about how petrol and diesel can contribute to carbon emission but might have a question on how turning on light emits carbon?

Producing electricity is not an easy task and most of the Earth’s electricity is produced using fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, etc. And other products that you purchase which are made in factories use huge types of machinery that require fossil fuels to operate.

Smoke from Vehicles

How Felt and Yarn has been investing in zero-emission energy?

With the rise in a rapid change in climate change, government, corporate organizations, and individuals have been working to address this challenge. All the stakeholders are embracing the need to bring change in the workflow to tackle the environment.

Nepal already has been one of the top countries to use full sustainable hydro-energy to generate electricity in the country. With negligible emissions in electricity generation in the country, we at Felt and Yarn are already benefited from the zero-emission energy source.

Solar Panel

Felt and yarn have always been an advocate of zero-emission and zero wastage policies. This is why we have additionally installed solar panels in our production factories to save more energy. 

You can also take a step and invest in our eco-friendly felt products for your daily use. You can get a beautiful range of felt items that are biodegradable and sustainable.

Invest in Earth and Earthling

Our Earth is only the home we have and we have to make changes to this planet. However, we have been destroying our homes for our needs. From the decor of our house to our fashion sense, we are completely dependent on our planet.

Monkey with plastic waste

We have chopped down our forests for our desks and beds and used animal skins for our feet and fashion. Deforestation, the release of waste in rivers, using fossil fuels to run our vehicles, we have used the resources haphazardly. 

Our action has caused great destruction to our planet earth and all the living creatures living on this planet. 

Dead Fish on plastic bag

How has Felt and Yarn invested in earth and earthlings?

Felt and Yarn have always prioritized giving back to the environment. Felt and yarn focus on producing felted products that are a great alternative to other products that do harm to the environment. 

We source wool ethically from our suppliers in the highland of New Zealand. While you might think shearing sheep is harmful to the animal, it benefits the animal. We also focus on the ecological practice of sourcing raw materials to make our products

Wool Felt Cat Cave

We have obtained all our products responsibly and sustainably without any environmental damage. Water is requisite in felting this is why we also harvest rainwater during seasons so as to use it in our production process. We reuse some of the water used during felting after going through the filtration process which has helped us to conserve tons of water.

From reusing the products to sourcing materials ethically and ensuring that people working in our place are treated appropriately and securely, we have been investing towards earth directly and indirectly. Felt and Yarn is also actively involved in giving back to nature and has been donating to animal care centers too.

Feeding dog in animal care center

These are some of the ways we can invest in our planet this Earth day. Not only this earth day, but we must also invest in our earth every day if possible by taking a simple step.

So what sustainable product are you investing in to save this planet? Share your ideas on our social media sites so that we can share them with others too.