We are near the end of 2021. With this year coming to an end, the excitement is also here. With the new year, we each have new commitments, new promises, aspiring goals, and resolutions for the coming days. And, we all want them to make a positive impact on our lives.

With all the pandemics, along with widespread forest fires and natural disasters in recent years, we all know humanity, as we know, is in danger. So, this year around why don’t we aim for a more healthy and sustainable new year resolution. Resolutions can even have a positive impact on the environment too.

In this blog, we have brought you the best new year resolutions for 2022 to help you live sustainably in the coming year. 

Green Shopping

Do you love shopping? Do you know you have been impacting the environment while shopping? 

Well, not exactly you but the single-use of plastic has been impacting the environment. Plastic is cheap and convenient for most of us and versatile to use. People in US alone use 100 billion plastic bags a year but only 1 percent of them are reused or recycled. The rest of them are left for wastage.

reusable bags

Now, imagine how much such plastic bags are used and left for wastage in the world. So, do you want to consider the planet when you're shopping? Reusable shopping bags are the way to go then.

Also not just what you are using to shop, what things you are shopping for also make an impact on the environment. Buying cheap plastic-made products like home decor items that you throw away after certain use will make a long-term impact.

This year commit to carrying your reusable grocery bags and refuse to use single-use plastic bags while shopping. The use of a shopping bag made from all-natural materials helps to reduce carbon footprint and still be fashionable. 

wool felt bag

You can also go for eco-friendly decor like our wool felted products that you can buy from our website. They are affordable, lightweight and durable, and way more eco-friendly and sustainable than other products. 

This simple action can decrease your plastic waste, limit landfill waste, reduce sea pollution, and protect sea life.

Reusable Utensils 

Ahh…!! Finally, you are using reusable bags for grocery and you feel you’ve finally gotten rid of plastics. You are somehow true but have you fully gotten rid of plastic products from your daily use though? Well, you might not have.

Stats show that food wrappers, plastic bottles, bottles caps or lids, plastic cutleries, straws, etc. are some of the top 10 items that pollute the ocean. Guess what they all have in common? 

They are all utensils that most of us use regularly, and next, they are all major sources of pollution. Plastic cutlery and spoons are flimsy and non-durable, and you can't even use them correctly for a single meal.

Once they break, you don’t have any other option than to throw them away. And, when you throw them, they all end up in landfill sites or the ocean.

This year, make a rule to refuse to use such disposable items and get your own sustainable cutlery sets and utensils. Whether you are looking for plates, bottles, cutleries, or even straws, you can easily find eco-friendly options. 

wood cutlery

Such sustainable alternatives not only look similar to normal utensils, but they are also even durable and affordable considering their reusability. You can find them in every shape and size you want while you take a step to zero waste living. 

Eat Less Meat

Another easy resolution to get into this year is to start going vegetarian. Going vegan can be an affordable way to kick off your new year's resolutions. Opting for more of a plant-based diet not only helps your body but also helps the world. But how can you get going vegan at once?

Making your new years resolution is one thing but sticking to your resolution can be a hard thing. Quitting your old habit is hard even if you commit fully to your resolution. And when it comes to meat, it is even hard for most of us.  

vegan food

You can try by eating more plant-based food in comparison to meat consumption. Then you can go on by cutting down on a meat-based diet and slowly cutting on dairy and eggs. Or you can make a weekly routine on which days to eat meat and slowly go full vegan.

Have a hard time getting away on a meat diet? Well, then you can opt for consuming meat sourced from sustainable sources. Such places use humane ways to raise and treat animals. 

Sustainable Fashion

Did you know, the fashion industry produces around 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions globally. This is why your next sustainable and healthy resolution to try coming year should be choosing sustainable fashion. 

As a consumer, you buy what you want and however, you want. So, you can add getting sustainable fashion products that will last you for more years to come by. 

wool clothes

The fashion industry just come short of oil companies as the second most polluting industry on earth. You can help save the environment by ditching fast fashion trends. Try buying secondhand clothes or swapping clothes or clothes made from recycled and upcycled raw products. 

Also, Instead of buying clothes that you only wear once or twice a year, you can try on rental clothes on specific occasions.

Walk More

Life after a pandemic has been fatigued and stressful. Living inside our house for most of the time has deprived us of our physical health. 

The fatigue and stress have led us to resolve working out and heading to gyms. Yet the image of having to wake up early in the morning just deprives us of getting into working out.

Now the post-pandemic has been all about living with social distancing. This has also drastically increased the use of private vehicles. And this has been impacting greatly on our environment. 

This year you try getting rid of all this stress and also help to maintain the environment. Substitute your daily journeys from work to home and from home to work with a more sustainable form of transportation. 

walking to ofc

The best way to opt for more sustainable traveling is by walking or by cycling. Beneficial for both your health as well as for the environment, you can get around places more sustainably from the coming year. And you can save your fuel and maintenance expenses too.

Finally, the best resolution to make this new year is to make a vow that you will refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle your daily products. And make sure you stick to your promise not only for yourself but also for the surrounding environment and the earth you live in. 

We have compiled some videos stating the need for the environment for the future generation. Check out our following videos dedicated to the environment. 


Coming year try to refuse the use of products that hamper the environment and reduction in the use of plastic products and meat diet while reusing your old clothes and pro

Do you have any such new years resolutions for the coming year that make a positive impact on you as well as the environment? Make sure to share your resolutions with us and comment what are your other resolutions for the new year 2022.

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