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Felt Ball Rug, Wool Felt Pouf, Felt Ball Trivet

It’s time to turn our attention towards a sustainable use of products as plastic invades every corner of our lives. While plastic overwhelms our planet with its detrimental impact ,felt stands as a sustainable sanctuary, providing a guilt-free alternative that promotes recyclability, durability, and a world free from plastic pollution.

But what’s next in this quest for a plastic-free world to help Mother Nature? 

What is felt? 

Felt is a non-woven fabric that's made by pressing fibers together with heat and moisture. It can be created from materials like soft wool or recycled fibers. Felt is super soft, holds shapes beautifully, and is perfect for making cute toys, cozy rugs, and other crafts. It’s made from renewable materials and doesn't need a lot of energy or water during production. 

Is felt sustainable?

Yes, felt is sustainable. 

Is felt recyclable?

Yes, felt can be recycled and repurposed to give a new life to the product. But how? If you have any felt product that has been used for many years and are no longer looking to use further then, first of all, take all the non-wollen parts like labels and stitches and cut it into small pieces. Add it in your compost bin so that it gets recycled. 

Contribution of Felt products to Waste Reduction 

Every year, an astonishing 415 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide. Over the past five years, plastic production has exceeded a astonishing 77 million tons, with Europe alone accounting for more than 60 million tons. With this globally emerging problem of managing plastic waste, adapting on using felt product sheds light on the reducing the amount of wastes that goes to the landfills. 

Wool has this special property of combination of elasticity, soil resistent and flame resistant which promotes the length of time that wool can be used. A felt product once made can last for more than a decade. After it reaches the end of its life, it can be upcycled and repurposed. This extends the lifespan of the product. 

Well, its giving those products a second life. 

FUN FACT: Sheep are sheared annually to obtain their fleece, which if not done in time makes the sheep unwell because of the heavy weight of the fleec. So, in making of wool felt product, it contributes to the well-being of the sheep.  

Explore the products!

To get your jobs done easier, we looked at some of the best trending wool products. And listed down those products:

Pebble Rugs 

Wool Pebble Mat

Upgrade your space with this cozy and chic felt ball rug! The color combination complements the room decor, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can use these rugs in living room, bedroom, office or any room setup.  It’s both beautiful and practical with its long lifespan and smooth texture. Besides its captivating appeal, the rug is durable.You won’t regret getting it!

Comfy felt shoes 

Wool Felt Shoes

Designed for a human like you, these cozy and stylish felt shoes are perfect for everyday moments. They’re lightweight and easy to wear, providing ultimate convenience. Simply, you can use it in your home or workplace  whether it is summer or winter. If you enjoy crafting, felt shoes can be deconstructed and used as a material or various DIY projects. Cut them into smaller pieces to make coasters,or patches for other clothing items or accessories. When you slip into a pair of felt shoes, you're not just making a fashion statement - you're making a stand for the environment. Get your pair today!

Laundry Dryer Balls

Felt Natural Wool Felt Dryer Bal

Get rid of static cling and chemical-filled dryer sheets with these amazing plain as well as designed dryer balls! Make laundry day easier, making your cloth softer, faster drying times, and fewer wrinkles! They’re eco-friendly, reusable, and save your money. Unlike dryer sheets that are discarded after each use, felt dryer balls can be reused for multiple laundry cycles, reducing waste and contributing to a greener lifestyle.  Also, wool has natural odor- absorbing properties, which means that using felt dryer balls can help eliminate unwanted smells from your clothes.They can absorb and neutralize odors, leaving your laundry fresh and clean. Get your felt dryer balls now and level up your laundry game!

Cozy Cat Beds

Felt Natural Wool Felt Dryer Ball

Is your cat scratching and nappying in the wrong places? Get this our one of the best selling felt cat cave. Cats love their privacy, and this cat cave is just for the escape from the world and have quality me-ow time!. No more scratched furniture or unwanted fur on your favorite chair! This cat cave is size-fit-all as it is spacious enough. These were for the cat mummies but even if you don’t have a cat, this cat cave looks great on a shelf table, or in a cozy corner. You can even stash small items inside for a quirky storage solution.

Wool Flower and Plants

Felt Lavender Flower

How long does a plastic flower last for? a year? It just lasts for 2-3 months if you keep it outdoors without any preventive members. Better than that, keep the felt flowers inside and outside the house, and it won't fade away. This time, make an eco-friendly choice by keeping this wool flower and plants on your table, cupboard or anywhere that fits into your home. No worries to plant them nor take care of getting fading away. But you should surely look after the dirt. Just dust it off with a wet cloth. 

Shop smart: Where to find the eco-friendly felt products

When it comes to finding an eco-friendly felt products, Felt and Yarn is your go-to option. It guarantees the products made are of 100% wool and green-friendly, striving to address global warming and conserve the environment’s natural resources. All their materials are free from any toxic chemicals, dyes, and synthetic dyes. Also, the products that it provides are all handmade from the Nepali women artisans. 

It’s time to wrap up as we have reached the end! By opting for felt over plastic, you can get numerous advantages of eco-friendly felt products. With their recyclability, reduced carbon footprint, and promotion of a plastic-free lifestyle, felt products are the perfect choice for conscious consumers.

Let's make a conscientious effort to shop ethically by choosing sustainable felt products.