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Int'l Women’s Day: Meet Talented Women at Felt and Yarn

Dikita Khadgi

International Women's Day is a celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world. This year, we are taking the opportunity to shine a spotlight on some amazing women who have turned their passion for felting into thriving businesses. Felting is the process of using wool fibers to create a variety of beautiful and functional items, from cozy rugs to stylish hats. We invite you to join us in discovering the incredible hardships and struggles that the beautiful women behind felting in Nepal have overcome to achieve success in their craft. We also extend a warm welcome and inspiration to all women at Felt and Yarn, to pursue their passions and explore the world with the same level of dedication and perseverance. Let us celebrate these remarkable women on International Women's Day and beyond, and continue to support and empower one another in all our endeavors.

Felt and Yarn Installs Sanitary Pad Vending Machine In Its Office And Factory

Biju Shrestha

Menstruation and menstrual hygiene have been a persisting taboo in most Nepali societies. Hence, the company installed a card-operated sanitary napkin vending machine to provide a safe and healthy working environment to its women artisans.

Felt and Yarn Organizes Fire Safety Training Course

Biju Shrestha

Fire safety and fire drills are not just for the workplace. Fire safety training is a necessity in day-to-day life too. Felt and Yarn continues to organize such events with intend to provide better health care to the artisans and staff and to make them ready for any incident and accident

Felt and Yarn Organizes Health Camp and First Aid Training Program

Biju Shrestha

First aid training at the office is essential for all employees. Felt and Yarn aim to provide first aid courses in an effortless and interactive manner to all the company staff to make them ready for any health emergencies that may arise in the future. 

FNY Receives 2nd Position as Top Handicraft Exporter

Biju Shrestha

Felt and Yarn received the award for being the 1st Runner Up in the handicraft exporter's top list during the FHAN Golden Jubilee celebration.

FNY Celebrates Kukur Tihar at KAT Centre

Biju Shrestha

With the coinciding interest of both the women in the handicraft industry and their love for animals, this participation has helped in promoting the health of street dogs in Kathmandu.

Ms. Sunita Sherpa receiving the CIP Award 2020 from Prime Minister KP Oli

Shristi Pradhan

Felt and Yarn Managing Director Ms. Sunita Sherpa receives the prestigious CIP Award from Prime Minister. Ms. Sunita Sherpa, an art enthusiast and the Managing Director of Felt and Yarn have been bestowed the Commercially Important Person award on February 22, 2020.