Celebrating such a beautiful moments with an organization working for the welfare of children and the honor of being a part of the team. On the first day of the New Year, the founder of Felt and Yarn Mrs. Sunita Sherpa and team members attended the Annual Day and Common Children’s Birthday Celebration organized by the Nepal GoodWeave Foundation. The Nepal GoodWeave Foundation is a non-profit that strives to eradicate the use of child labor throughout the global supply chain. 

Behind the history of the child labor, still it sound a tragedy situation to all due to the poverty of the nation. Recently updated to a UNICEF report from 2021, seven thousand Nepalese child laborers work in brick factories. A child makes up one out of every ten brick factory workers. Some of them are only five years old. It is truly heartbreaking that child labor is still prevalent in our nation. Over the course of its 23 years of operation, GoodWeave has helped Nepal's carpet weaving and spinning industries to be free of child labour. However, it is not completely abolished but it intends to expand more into other industries as well. Most of the children at this foundation are here because their families are poor, separated families or they’ve been forced to work long hours as slaves in the carpet industry. So, many of them have unheard stories about being rescued from the carpet industry.

To eliminate such practices or such activities from the global supply chain, the Nepal GoodWeave Foundation came into regular basis working as a non-profit organisation for the children’s welfare. It prevents underage children from being forced into working before they meet the legal age. They ensure children get a good quality education, learn valuable skills, get help when they need it and have a chance at a better life ultimately. That way, no minors will be forced into working before they are of legal age. They ensure children obtain a decent education, develop real-world skills, receive support when needed, and ultimately have a better future. It gives assurance to the people through a good weave label to rug and home textile products.

Besides child labor, GoodWeave also inspect and monitor the process to ensures that compulsion and forced labor, as well as other inappropriate practices of adult workers are coordinated. In addition to inspections, annual adults and follow-up audits are also conducted in the production departments of the supply chain monitored by GoodWeave. This audit aspects helps streamline monitoring procedures and also includes employee interviews to ensure processes are representative of workers needs. Internal monitoring allows us to measure our progress towards achieving many of our desired short-term outcomes, such as: Removing the child from chain of manufacturing supplies and placing child in a safe rehab environment. Progress can be measured, for example, by tracking the number of manufacturing sites inspected over a period of time or the number of children leaving the workforce. Initiate a detailed assessment that analyzes the labor market dynamics and social conditions of the community to determine how well it is meeting its medium- and long-term goals. 

You might be wondering, "What is a common birthday?" Many of the children rescued from those terrible situations do not even recognize their birthdays. In light of this, the organization has taken the initiative to make everyone feel unique by celebrating their birthday on the same day. Birthdays are celebrated with cake-cutting ceremonies, fun games and cultural performances. Also, the children are of differing ages from one another. This celebration marks a special day for the children and the faculty members as well. 

“Happiness comes from helping, being with, and sharing, even if it’s only a smile.”

Zain Hashmi

To being part of this event, our team members brought some surprises for the children. This event is about sharing happy moments with the children. It is an opportunity for us to bring and share smiles together. The time we spent with the children was truly a happy and happy time. The children's common birthdays and annual day events were really appreciated and fulfilled enough additional activities in the children's environment. As we handed over the surprise, the unexpected gifts overjoyed the children. All of us were wowed by their passionate singing and dancing. Even more so, one of the children impressed us with beatboxing. Later, we joined the children and faculty dancing as we approached the program's conclusion. Overall, it was a wonderful event to contribute effectively to Nepal Goodweave Foundation being a member of it. Our team members witnessed and supported teachers happily interacting with their students.

Common Birthday Celebration

Felt and Yarn itself, is a company that has assisted hundreds of  household women in gaining empowerment. We are not affiliated with any NGOs or social worker foundations; however, we started with a duty and a responsibility to craftsmen who contribute to women's well-being. As always, helping and supporting women in Nepal is the best thing we can do, and we are happy to announce that we are a member of the Goodweave organization, which rescues the victim of child labour and provides them with a quiet and happy home. We look forward to contributing more to them. A few of Goodweave's students who began their journey in the transit home have continued on to become teachers at the foundation, bringing attention to the organization's success in providing a supportive environment for its young children.

In addition, being a part of this event helped us become even more thankful for the lives we have and the significance of little things that we take for granted. Felt & Yarn extends gratitude to convey its appreciation for being invited to and present at this wonderful event. Likewise, view our other events: