We are a GoodWeave Nepal certified company.

We are the one of the first International GoodWeaves certified companies in Nepal from Felt Industry.

Goodweave is an international initiative against child labour in the carpet manufacturing industry. Their standards take into account social and environmental criteria in addition to combating child labour.

For consistently upholding the commitment to fair wages, appropriate working standards, and the abolition of child labour. Felt and Yarn go to great length to emphasis making sure no there is no child labour in every crack and cervices of the premises.  All craft items are produced in our factory under safe and transparent working conditions by our felt artist. 

The company is constantly being supervised and inspected by Goodweave. To corroborate the transparency, Felt and Yarn are obliged to welcome any unannounced evaluation by Goodweave officials; committing ourselves to consistently maintain high standards.

We provide a platform for over a hundred stunning women who dare to dream and work gracefully. Our handcrafted items are created with care and attention to detail. By purchasing with us, you are also assisting in the creation of a sustainable community in Nepal.

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