Experience the joy of purchasing from Felt and Yarn, a brand that values handcrafted excellence, ethical sourcing, and the creation of truly unique products. With over 100 different color sets available for customization, you have the freedom to create something truly special. Here are some compelling reasons to choose Felt and Yarn for your next purchase.

Making Felt Product - Felt and Yarn

Direct from the Makers:

  • We believe in fostering a relationship that goes beyond a simple transaction, allowing you to appreciate the beauty and artistry of handmade products while making a positive impact on the lives of the makers.
  • When you buy from us, you're getting more than just a product - you're connecting directly with the artisans behind it that allows you to learn the stories and traditions woven into the products, creating a deeper appreciation for the artistry.

Ethically Sourced & Handmade:

  • Skilled artisans in Nepal meticulously handcraft each item.
  • We prioritize quality and consistency, using only the highest quality wool and adhering to strict manufacturing guidelines.


  • We offer you the opportunity to create your own unique piece of art through customization that is exclusively yours.
  • We have 100 different color choices and best artisans team to bring your ideas to life.

Free Shipping

  • Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on all orders from Felt and Yarn and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Quality Control:

  • Our in-house inspection team ensures that your precise criteria are met for 100% satisfaction.
  • Products undergo multiple stages of quality tests before being sent to the packaging team.

Artisan - Felt and Yarn

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable:

  • We advocate for eco-friendly items, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Our wool felt products are renewable, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.
  • They also possess antibacterial properties and are flame resistant.
  • We use only naturally made dyes, avoiding hazardous chemicals like Azo.

Empowering Women Artisans:

  • Our team consists of 90% women, with many leadership positions held by competent women.
  • We aim to increase economic opportunities for rural women in Nepal by fostering their growth and linking their artistry to the international market.
  • By purchasing from us, you help these artisans reclaim their independence and resilience. Learn a story of 3 strong women.

Fair Trade Certifications:

  • We are proud to hold multiple Fair Trade certifications that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and responsible business practices prioritizing on quality, ethical sourcing, and sustainability felt products.
  • Our products are ISO 9001.2015 certified, GoodWeave Nepal certified, SedEx Audited manufacturing unit.
  • Regular supervision and inspections from the respective body ensures transparency and high standards.

    Safe Working Conditions

    • We prioritize the safety and well-being of our workers, implementing proper safety regulations and prevention strategies.
    • Regular feedback reviews help us maintain a safe and stable working environment.

      Sustainable Livelihoods

      • Over 10,000+ families have benefited from fair wages and work opportunities with Felt and Yarn.
      • We support sustainable livelihoods by providing incentives, loans, and aids for education, medication, and travel allowances.

      By choosing Felt and Yarn, you not only get beautifully handcrafted products but also contribute to the creation of a sustainable community in Nepal.