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 Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are a subsidiary company of The Nepal Mart Pvt. Ltd. who offers wholesale felt and yarns. All of our products are handmade in our manufacturing unit in Nepal. They are made from 100% sheep wool, which are thick, warm, and strong – perfect for rugs, bags, and cold – weather items. It’s no wonder our famous products are the nepali Handmade felt ball rug and felt bags! We are also offering wholesale recycled silk yarn available in different colors.

What Are Our Objectives?

Our sole motto is “Providing quality handmade felt and yarn products from Nepal at reasonable prices.” We value our customers and aim of having healthy relationships with them that’s why we stay committed to giving them the best customer experience. This is the reason why we offer wholesale felt and yarns. But even if you purchase a single felt ball package, one of our felt bags, a pair of felt shoes, or 1 kg of recycled silk yarn – you have so many choices as we still have many products, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Since we are advocates of customer satisfaction, we accept all types of customized orders and the good news is, for every order above $150, delivery is free worldwide including Australia, Europe, and the USA! We are also now accepting “Poli” for Australian customers. So go order yourself a felt ball rug, some of our felt bags, or any of our wholesale felt products, including the recycled silk yarn!

Free Delivery World Wide on every order above 150 USD.

We ship our products to all over the world including Australia, Europe & America.

Now we accept "Poli" For Australian Customers.

felt rug

Felt Plain colored Round Rugs

This rug is made with the combination of white and off white color. Available in 100cm, 120 cm, 140cm and 200 cm of sizes.

multi color felt ball rug

Felt Multicolored Rug for Boy's Room

This multicolored Felt ball Rug specially designed for boy's room. It has bright boy's color combination of 9 different colors of felt balls.


Rectangular/ Square multi colored felt ball rugs:

Let your kids romp and roll on this amazing Rectangular multi-colored felt rug. It is hand crafted from 100% pure sheep wool. It’s multi-functional and can be used as a floor decor, a picnic blanket or even a play area for you and the kids. Non-involvement of child labor takes it up a notch higher.

Felt Multicolored Square Rugs

These rugs are available in custom sizes and colors.  You can tell us your own sizes and color combinations. These rugs are entirely handmade in Nepal by our wonderful crafts women’s.

Felt Shoes

Handmade Felt Shoes available in various sizes, design and color. Our Felt shoes are entirely handmade in Nepal by our experienced craftswomen.


Explore your creativity with our exclusive range of felt balls. Our felt balls are made of 100% felt wool. These felt balls are available in 1cm, 2 cm, 2.5 cm, 4 cm, 6cm and more other sizes. We also accept custom size and colors orders.

muliti color felt balls

Felt 2cm Balls

Handmade 2cm Felt balls available in various colors. You can select your own color from our color chart.

3000 pieces1cm Felt Balls package

This package includes 25 different colors of 1cm felt balls in various color. 


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Needing expensive silk but can’t afford it?  The best quality recycled 100% silk yarns from Nepal is now available.  Only the finest silk remnants are handpicked and traditionally handspun by expert Nepali women. The yarns are twisted perfectly rendering a soft and shiny texture. It’s ideal for producing high quality scarves and luxurious lingerie.  

muliti color felt balls

Wholesale Recycled Silk Yarn

Wholesale Recycled silk yarn available in various colors and qualities.

Wholesale Banana Fiber Yarn

Wholesale Banana fiber yarn available in various colors and qualities.


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Loved the Felt Ball Rug

I just wanted you to know that I just received the Felt Ball Rug and it was well worth the wait....

- Ashley

Thank you!!!

Hello Raj & Sunita Thank you so much for making the felt ball rug so beautiful, my children are...

- Sandra from Australia

Thankyou so much for the wonderful rug

Dear Raj and Sunita, Thankyou so much for the wonderful rug. It really is beautiful and adds a...

- Jennifer.


I just received my felt ball rug and it is absolutely amazing. The colours are gorgeous and...

- Jennifer - Australia

I recently received my rug and i love it.

Hi Raj and Sunita I recently received my rug and i love it. I would love to buy another one...

- Lily Hardman

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