Here is the sequel of how to clean your felt products. Earlier we focused on small wool felt craft supplies, but what if we need to wash and clean products that are much larger? Well, you have come to the perfect place. How to easily clean your felt products effortlessly? 

Most frequently asked questions

1. How do you clean your wool felt cat cave?

Blissful Wool Felt Cat Cave

i. Daily Maintenance

All our cat caves are made with 100% natural wool. It has great properties of being odour, mould, bacterial and stain repellent. For daily maintenance, you can vacuum with a soft bristle brush attachment or even a simple dusting. Cat caves are very low maintenance, doing so is more than sufficient care. 

ii. A slight mishaps

In case of any stains, or accidental litter, flip the cat cave inside out. Make sure you use mild (fragrance-free) soap or some white vinegar and lemon mixed in with water. Dampen a lint-free cloth or regular kitchen sponge into the mixture, and gently wipe. Let it air dry. 

iii. Big Blunders

What if the cat cave get’s badly soiled and has unbearable odour? In worst-case scenarios as such, do not worry. Washing cat caves is very easy. 

  • Take out your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum both the inside and outside. Dust off real good to remove any loose unwanted debris. 
  • Take a bucket of cold water. Make sure it’s cold. 
  • Add some mild soap, preferably fragrance-free. 
  • Now completely submerge your cat cave into the water and soak it for not more than 45min to an hour. 
  • Take it out, flip it inside out. And gently with clean water. To remove any excess water take a big towel and press down gently.
  •  Remember to be gentle and do not ring or twist. A simple alternative is to put the inside out cat cave into the washing machine in rinse/spin mode to remove any soap residues and excess water.
  • Make your cat house right side out for drying. Let in sunbathe or air dry. 
  • All the washing can slightly affect your cat cave and wrinkle it. Reshape it using your hands, make it puffy and round. 
  • For furthermore shaping, stuff it with a cloth, newspapers or plastic bags and let it completely dry before using it again. 

It takes up to 12-14 hours depending on the climate. We don’t advise washing your cat cave frequently, do it only when necessary. 

*We do not recommend washing your cat cave in the washing machine.*

iv. My cat cave lost its shape, what should I do?

Mist your cat cave with a tiny bit of water, focusing on wrinkles then, stuff the cat cave with a cloth or other materials for a few days to bring back the shape. We also advise using a steamer to smooth out wrinkles. You can even iron your cat cave on the areas with wrinkles while placing a thick cloth beneath the cat cave

Felt Shoes2. How do you clean your wool felt shoes?

Our felt shoes are made of the highest quality 100% natural wool. You barely need to wash them. Natural wool has an amazing property to make your shoes odourless. But in case of any mishaps, follow the below instructions:

  • For dirt or dust, simple dusting with hands or brushing with a soft bristle brush to remove any unwanted dirt and debris. 
  • If you have spilt anything greasy or have a stain, try spot cleaning. Use a damp cloth with mild soapy water and let it air dry. 
  • We don’t recommend tossing your shoes in the washing machine, or even handwashing. Do not use any dryer or expose it to excessive heat, it can shrink your shoes and lose their integrity. 

3. How do you clean handmade wool felt ball rugs? 

Rugs can be vacuumed, as usual, nevertheless, make sure you do not use any brush attachment which can overtime disturb and damage your rug. You can also take out your felted rug outside and give wool rugs a good beating to dust of dirt. 

Wool Felt Ball Rug

Our felt ball rugs are made of 100% wool; rugs are liquid and stain-resistant to some extent. Immediately blotting liquid with tissue paper or cloth can help. In any case of staining, spot clean with a damp cloth and soapy water if needed. 

Felt rugs can withstand being kept under heavy furniture without losing their shape. 

And if nothing works out then, simply flip the carpet. Our felt rugs are made so meticulously that they can be used both ways. If one side looks crusty and dusty then just flip your rug. You'll have a brand new carpet.

4. How do you clean merino wool scarf, merino mittens, and other products?

Wool Merino Mittens

Most of our merino wool products are hand washable. Corresponding to all our products, merino wool is low in maintenance. They are sturdy enough to be tossed into the washing machine in low settings. However, hand washing is more advisable for washing merino wool.

Any mild, fragrance-free detergent or special detergent catered to wool can be used with cold water. Soak your scarf and mittens in it for 20 minutes, then gently rub on stains and needed area. 

Do not use a tumble dryer, as its heat will shrink your wool. Instead lay it flat for drying.

For scarfs, you can iron or steam them in low heat to make them creaseless. 

Merino Scarf

For storing, anywhere dry and not exposed to direct sunlight are advisable. In case of fear of pests damaging your premium wool, store it in a breathable cotton bag.

We also advise using our dryer bags, as dryer ball bags are 100% cotton and the size is perfect for storing your mittens and scarves. 

dryer ball bags

5. What not to do?

  • Do not be rough while rubbing your wet felt. 
  • Do not use high heat, overheating will shrink the felt.
  • Do not use a dryer/hairdryer to dry the felt. Always let it air dry for minimal damage.
  • Do not bleach your felt items.
  • Do not use hard bristle/rigid brushes. 

Taking care of your wool felt items is really very easy. There are just a few things to keep in mind, however, because of the incredible properties of natural wool, they make perfect low-maintenance products.

It is, however, critical to understanding the techniques used to construct your felt products, as these will determine how you clean your wool felt products.

The washability of any felt product is often assessed by the quality of the wool used. Felt and Yarn only use 100 % ethically sourced wool from New Zealand's highlands, which makes it durable enough to be hand washed and can withstand rough handling.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via any social media site. Purchase felt goods to favour both humans and the environment.

Good Luck! 

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